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The First Flight of the Ukrainian Helicopter MSB-2 Nadiya


On Monday, 16th of April, the first flight tests of the domestic helicopter MSB-2 Nadiya took place on the territory of Motor Sich JSC test-flight complex in Zaporozhya. This is result of the company's ten-year work.
Applications for certification of the rotorcraft have been submitted to the State Aviation Service of Ukraine and Interstate Aviation Committee. Motor Sich JSC plans to certify a new light multipurpose helicopter MSB-2 Nadiya by the end of this year.
This model is equipped with Ivchenko-Progress SE AI-450M-P engines (with a takeoff power 465 hp each) and new transmission based on the main gearbox VR-442P developed by Motor Sich JSC.
Despite the fact that the helicopter belongs to the light class, it can take 7 to 9 passengers on board. Design of helicopter MSB-2 extensively uses composite materials. Expected service ceiling is 5000 m, and the flying range with the main tanks is 730 km.

    The main helicopter features:
  • spacious cargo-passenger cabin;
  • external placement of fuel tanks;
  • cargo and passenger door at the rear of the fuselage with automatic drive;
  • modern airborne flight and radio equipment;
  • airless storage;
  • perfect aerodynamic forms.
The MSB-2 Nadiya helicopter is ideal for passenger transportation, flight training, search and rescue operation and medical evacuation due to its design features. Along with commercial application, the helicopter can be used in civil aviation by Public Service Emergency units (including ambulance aviation), State Border Service and, Police.
The helicopter is provided with the mission equipment, which includes a variety of passenger seats, rescue hoist, fire-extinguishing system, searchlight, equipment for ambulance and medical evacuation, external cargo suspension, electrooptical system to perform various tasks.
A number of Ukrainian enterprises are involved in the development and full-scale manufacturing of the subsystems and helicopter units, which creates additional workspaces within the country. The helicopter expected sale price and operation cost is significantly lower than those of foreign equivalents.



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