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Operation of combined PAES 2500 air-filtering device

Modern gas-turbine drives (GTD) have very strict requirements to air purity and resistance at the GTD gas-air flow duct inlet.The purity level of inlet air affects directly the GTD service life and wear rate of separate components. Old power plant modifications (the PAES-2500 family) are equipped with sound-attenuating systems without additional air-filtering devices, thus it is very often led to the GTD failure due to the wear of compressor and turbine rotor blades. The special combined air-filtering device (AFD) was developed in an attempt to increase the resource potential of GTDs used as a part of power plants.


Motor Sich JSC is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved

In the IV quarter of 2018 two fuel systems of gas-turbine plant having a capacity of 6 MW have passed successfully through testing procedure.


The MS-10000-E characteristics are verified by tests

In 2018 the MS-10000-E prototype of gas turbine plant having the capacity of 10 MW has passed thought customer acceptance testing (CAT), including investigative and qualification tests.


Engine builders in Zaporozhye continue to be involved in the EG 300 MS development

Motor Sich JSC has mounted on the test bench the new EG 300 MS gas turbine plant for testing.

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