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BRAND SALON of Motor Sich JSC.
+38 (061) 278-33-37;
+38 (050) 456-71-02;
+38 (067) 619-81-41.

+38 (061) 720-48-03;
+38 (061) 720-49-72.

Motor Sich JSC warns of forgery

Be careful!

Counterfeit milk separators ‘Motor Sich 100-18’ appeared for sale!

The counterfeit separators have smaller service life and treatment capacity. They are characterized by low quality of casting, motor and painting.

Take advices and buy the original products in the corporate chain of Motor Sich JSC and from the official representatives.

Motor Sich-100-18 Separator

Parts of separator are made of food aluminum alloys.
At the request of the client, the separator can be equipped with a polypropylene float chamber.

Min. milk output, l/h...100

Motor Sich-100-15 Separator

All parts of separator are made of food aluminum alloys.  
The casing is made of polypropylene.

Min. milk output, l/h...100

Motor Sich-100-19 centrifugal cream separator

The parts of the cream separator are made of impact-resistant polypropylene and feature a number of advantages:


  • They are not subject to corrosion.
  • Their colour does not change with the lapse of time and they do not require touch-up painting.
  • They damper HF vibration.
  • They are not deformed in case of accidental careless handling.
  • They are much easier cleaned from milk products and contaminants.
  • They increase electrical safety several times.
  • They are manufactured in various colours.


    Min. milk output, l/h...100

    Motor Sich-100R-09 hand-operated centrifugal cream separator

    The scream separators are manufactured in two versions: Motor Sich -100R-08 with float bowl made of polypropylene and Motor Sich -100R-09 with float bowl made of aluminum alloy.

    Min. milk output, l/h...100±20%

    Motor Sich-500 cream separator

    The centrifugal disk-type separator is intended for separation of the whole milk into the cream and the skimmed milk with simultaneous removal of solid impurities and contaminants.

    Min. milk output, l/h...500

    MotorSich MBE-6 Household Electrical Butter Churn

    It is intended for producing butter from the cream, fat content of 32-37%.
    It can be used for making cocktails.

    Raw product filling capacity:
    - minimum, l...2

    - maximum, l...6

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