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The technical museum opening ceremony was held on October, 20, 2012.
Expositions of different engineering technique are arranged In two roomy halls. Exhibited at the first floor is exposition dedicated to Zaporozhye engine-building works history, wherein  the secular history of industrial enterprise foundation and development is presented in chronological sequence based on archive documents, information sources, recollections of specialists and technical officers. Presented here is collection of reciprocating and jet aero-engines produced by the enterprise  during various periods of its history. 
Of these -  M-11 engine, which was marked with entire epoch in the history of national aviation. The engine was intended to power aircraft as follows: U-2 (Po-2), UТ-1, UТ-2, Yak-6, Yak-10, Yak-18, АIR-6, АIR-12, Sh-2, She-2 and others. When familiarizing with nine-cylinder М-22 engine for  I-4, I-16, АIR-7, К-5, К-12 aircraft, visitors become capable to evaluate production processes level and high quality of components manufactured in those distant 30-th  years.
Visitors’ special interest is attracted to АSh-82FN  engine for Lа-5FN, La-7 aircraft, on which triply Hero of the Soviet Union I.N. Kozhedub carried on war.  The first helicopter engine АИ-26В, having been installed on experimental B-5, B-9, B-10 helicopters of I.P. Bratukhin and Мi-1  helicopter of М.L. Mil. Judges of aviation are given opportunity to see full-scale mock-up of АSh-62IR engine intended to power legendary Аn-2 aircraft, which is actually unique aircraft in terms of in-service longevity.
With regard to cast parts quality, their structural complexity and external view one can evaluate the level of technologies used at that time, the mental power and craftsmanship of people, Involved in development and manufacturing.
Further exposition exhibits beginning and development of jet-propelled aviation: RD-45F engine for МiG-15 aircraft; RD-500 engine  for unmanned radio-controlled aircraft-missiles ФКР-1; АИ-20 engine launched into series production in 1957 is still manufactured nowadays due to its high reliability and time limits; АI-24 engine for Аn-24, Аn-26, Аn-30 aircraft ; АI-25 engine for Yak-40 aircraft;  D-36 engine for Yak-42, Аn-72, Аn-74, Аn-74ТК-300 aircraft and others.
Visitors are strongly impressed when looking at unique  D-18Т engine intended for installation on Аn-124 «Ruslan» and Аn-225 «Мriya» aircraft featuring unchallenged airlift capacity.
Exclusive place in collection is occupied by most eagerly sought helicopter engine ТV3-117 of various modifications intended to power up-to-date helicopters manufactured by «Мil» and «Каmоv» companies.

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