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SC Motor Sich - а sport section of our Company - is supported financially and morally by administration, trade-union committee and by all people who are working at the enterprise.

SC Motor Sich consists of:
    - stadium for 10 0000 seats, 2 football fields, combined ground for mini-football and basketball, table tennis ground which includes 10 tables, 4 lawn tennis courts, 1 500 m “health zone” with exercise machines;
    - field-and-track hall: three 250-meter run tracks, handball gym with 1 000 seats, gym (for playing handball and it also includes three volleyball grounds) for 300 seats, prize-rings, gyms for modern rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, kettlebell lifting and two gyms for body-building;
    - gym of Children’s and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve: 460 m2, for training divers;
    - Slavutich swimming pool: 50 meters long with the area of 1050 m2, two gyms for athletic training, gym for overall body-conditioning, sports hall for shaping, 2 saunas, hydro-shower;
    - OSVOD (humane society) swimming pool: 25 meters long with the area of 2502;
    - water sport base for 80 vessels: 2 tennis courts, basketball and volleyball grounds;
    - two health and fitness centers for 110 seats.

SC Motor Sich is a smooth-acting section which operates harmoniously together with the whole multitudinous staff of engine-builders. We can add winnings and sport records of our sportsmen to the success which our engines and ground-based equipment already have.

This Sport Complex is visited by about 1 500 people every day.
SC Motor Sich is a promoter of health and fitness support in subdivisions of our Company.
Various athletic games are held all year through. Those games include 15 main competitive sports and 50 teams from different departments of our Company participated in them.
For the full year 500 athletic sporting events were held on the basis of SC Motor Sich.
At weekends different teams from the departments of our Company participated in Health Days when various championships and swimming competitions are held.
Annually from May through October different field-events are held for our shop-floor personnel where sportsmen can also prove their qualification in swimming.
Different sports group are available inside SC Motor Sich, including box, boat racing, football, checks, kettlebell lifting and subaquatics.
One of the best sports schools in Ukraine for children and young people where they exercise in swimming and highboard diving is functioning on the basis of Slavutich swimming pool.
The labour collective of our Company is the promoter of men's handball team “Motor” which is an honorable representation of our staff in Ukrainian championship (Super League) and in European cup series. For more detailed information visit handball team site:
SC Motor Sich (the unique Sports Complex) and qualified coaches ensured high sport records of our sportsmen inside the Country and abroad.

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