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Public assistance programme

The International Training Center of our company is systematically engaged in staff proficiency training, retraining and skill improvement, providing corresponding training courses for workers, technical engineers and other specialists in the sphere of labour health protection and risky jobs. These training courses are aimed to improve staff competence and output product quality in accordance with the International Standard Requirements.
In 2013, 40 383 employees were trained within the scope of training and retraining plan for 12 months:

Compulsory Education for Work Authorization (92% of trained persons)
  Workers: - 22869 person/time
  Profession acquisition (1st grade Tech. College) - 331 persons
  Work safety - 10757 person/time
  Work authorization (Risky jobs) - 16390 person/time
  Fire safety - 3383 person/time
  Civil defense - 374 person/time
- 5831 persons
  Work safety - 2514 person/time
  Work authorization (Risky jobs) - 2674 person/time
  Fire safety - 643  person/time
Certified Personnel (Total number) - 36594 person/time


Professional Improvement (8% of trained persons)
 Workers: - 955 person/time
Including young workers’ trainers - 370  person
Engineers - 2785 person/time
Certified Personnel (Total number) - 3740 person/time


221 factory workers boosted their vocational rating up to the 4-5 skill category: lathe operators, milling machine operators, polishing machine operators, NC machine tool operators, electricians, mechanical technicians of control and measuring equipment, monitoring instruments, forging press operators, inspectors.
223 factory workers were trained and qualified as grinding machine operators, lathe operators, milling machine operators, NC machine tool operators, 108 factory workers completed their cross-training.
221 welders were certified in accordance with the requirements of accreditation bodies.
156 employees were trained in non-destructive testing methods.
95 employees were trained in precision equipment operating procedure.

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