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Personnel development

In 2014, the Company personnel policy was based on the principle of continuity of generations, providing the Company with trained workers and specialists, increasing of personnel reserve skill level, optimization of personnel structure and labor force.
Helicopter production was evolved. Aviation Equipment Reliability Bureau was created in the airline company, International Technology Center was certified in accordance with the requirements of EASA Aviation Rules Part-147, Flight and Technical Training Center was created.
Additional employment of the workers to the machining shops, which were transferred to helicopter reduction gear production, overhaul and assembly shops after on-the-job training, was carried out within 2014 to provide helicopter production.
For the purpose of providing the Company with qualified personnel, in 2014, the Company has employed 325 young specialists, including 109 young specialists with higher education, 69 graduates of colleges and 147 graduates of technical vocational schools.
, There was unscheduled evaluation of engineers and technicians; 168 specialists, including 75 young specialists were advanced in qualification categories according to the results of the evaluation.
27 employees of the Company graduated Kharkov National Aerospace University (KhAI) in specialty Airplanes and Helicopters off-job.
MOTOR SICH JSC actively and productively cooperates with the State Employment Center regarding training, retraining and probation of unemployed persons. In 2014, the Company has employed 471 persons under the direction of employment center.
27,800 persons have visited MOTOR SICH JSC Technical Museum in 2014. 841 excursions were carried out, including:

  • 217 excursions for pupils (7,424 persons);
  • 129 excursions for students of Higher Education Establishments (3,003 persons);
  • 57 excursions for foreign delegations and guests of the Company (281 persons).

In 2014, a number of social studies in the following main areas were carried out according to the work plan:

  • identification of social processes in labor collective;
  • identification of level of loyalty and satisfaction of employees;
  • monitoring of conditions of adaptation of young workers and vocational school students undergoing practical training at Motor Sich JSC;
  • testing of young specialists to be included to personnel reserve;
  • training of young workers tutors and masters.

Monitoring of conditions of adaptation of young workers aged up to 30 years and with professional experience up to 1 year was carried out, 195 young workers were questioned, the report was prepared.
Training of 17 young specialists, included to personnel reserve, on Ways of improvement of labor organization effectiveness was organized.
Testing of 140 young specialists, employed in 2011, was carried out, their direct supervisors were questioned. Further recommendations were prepared according to the results of questioning.
New training system of tutors on Social-psychological minima for tutors was developed, 130 tutors and 6 lecturers from the Company branch were trained.
105 employees underwent training on Introductive course for adaptation of young specialists.

 Awards and financial incentives

Under the Executive Order of the President of Ukraine the Company workers picked up the following state awards:

Arranged to coincide with the Conciliar nature and Freedom of Ukraine:
Order of Princess Olga of the III Degree 1 person was awarded.
Arranged to coincide with the Mechanical Engineer Day celebrated in Ukraine:
Order of Merit of the III Degree 1 person was awarded.

Conferred honorary titles:
Honored Ukrainian mechanical engineer 1 person.
Honored Ukrainian economist 1 person.

On the occasion of the 23th anniversary of approval of Declaration of independence of Ukraine by All-Ukrainian referendum on December 01, 2014:

Honorary title of Honored Ukrainian mechanical engineer was conferred to 1 person.

The State Prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists was awarded to 1 person.

The Certificate of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine was awarded to 7 persons.

At the directions of Zaporozhye Mayor, the Head of Zaporozhye Regional Council, the Head of Zaporozhye regional state administration, the Head of Shevchenkovskiy district administration the Company workers were awarded for long conscientious work, high level of professional skills and social activity:

Order of Merit for Zaporozhye region of the I degree 1 person was awarder;
Order of Merit for Zaporozhye region of the III degree 1 person was awarder;
Personal Contribution to Zaporozhye Development Medal 1 person was awarded;
The Lapel Badge of Merit for Shevchenkovskiy district 1 person was awarded.

Arranged to coincide with the Youth Day 3 young workers of the Company were presented the Honorary Certificates of Executive Committee of Zaporozhye Municipal Council.

1,197 working disabled persons and 633 veterans-disabled persons got cash bonuses on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons.

93 Company workers got cash bonuses on the occasion of 28th anniversary of Chernobyl NPP accident.

199 workers and veterans of the Company got cash bonuses on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of withdrawal of the Soviet troops from the Republic of Afghanistan and Memorial Day.

The Company awarded its 60 employees whose children obtained employment at our enterprise on graduation from higher educational institutions, Universities, and Higher Vocational Schools, which contributes to corporate spirit and enhances labor dynasties glory.

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