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AS “Tender” is designated for the process of organizing tenders for the supply of purchased tools (PI) and technological equipment (STO) on the basis of technical and commercial propositions, as well as ensuring the provision of knowledge and information.

To deny access to the AS “Tender” you need:
– stock up from AT “Motor Sich” in contractual vidnosina for the supply of purchased tools or using technological equipment;
– development of the certificate of AT “MOTOR SICH” in the person of the President, the Head for the sake of the directors, the Technical Director.

All actual technical workshops of the enterprise are distributed in the “Chinniy tender” section.

The supervisor, after 10 calendar days of distribution on the official website, can make a technical-commercial proposal in accordance with the TZ shop in the distribution “Chinniy tender”.

In case of manifestation of decal propositions, on the site in the “Chinniy Tender” distribution, the minimal price of the proposition is displayed without the request of the owner, no matter what was needed. Until the end of the line of the proposed proposition, the supplier can increase the price of his proposition lower than the minimum, so that the price is presented for all participants in the tender. The prices proponated by the post-managers are based on the rates of the NBU as of the closing date of the tender
and there can be no change.

After the end of 10 calendar days for post-managers to close access
before entering and correcting information.

Proposition of the postmaster, submitted by the end of the term, submitted by the proposal not through the AS “Tender” system by the tender committee
do not look.

The tender committee for reviewing the rejection of applications and approving the results of the tender. If there is a need for viprobauan PІ and STO, a tender committee for viewing and discarding proposals for the completion of viprobauvan.

The results of the tender will be displayed at the suppliers in the “Tender Results” section.

Management of the head technologist

Management of computing technology, informatics and communication


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