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It is used for installation in multi-purpose medium-utility helicopters. The maximum takeoff power of 2,000 hp is maintained to the altitude of 3,600 m above the sea level. It differs by implemented automatic emergency power rating (OEI).

Main advantages of the engine:

  • Low specific fuel consumption;
  • Low weight-to-power ratio;
  • High reliability;
  • Long service life;
  • High maintainability;
  • High repairability;
  • Emergency power condition allowing to complete a flight with one engine inoperative;
  • Possibility for installing a dust protection device.

Basic specifications:

2.5- minute power rating, with OEI
Power, shp (kW) 2,200 (1,618)
30- minute power rating, with OEI
Power, shp (kW) 2,000 (1,471)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/hph (kg/kWh) 0.215 (0.296)
Cruise power condition (SLS, ISA):
Power, shp (kW) 1,500 (1,103)
Dry weight, kg 294

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