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It is a drive for 2.5 MW mobile gas-turbine power-generating sets. It has a built-in gearbox.
The following versions have been developed:
1. For the drive with 50 Hz current frequency and the gearbox output shaft speed of 1,000 rpm:
AI-20DKN/AI-20DMN (kerosene fuel);
AI-20DKE/AI-20DME (natural gas fuel).
2. For consumers with 60 Hz mains frequency and the output shaft speed of 1,200 rpm:
AI-20DMNCh (kerosene fuel);
AI-20DMECh (natural gas fuel).

Main advantages:

  • High reliability;
  • Low maintenance costs.

Basic specifications:

-20 DM/D -20 DCh -20 DN/DN -20 DNCh
Rated power, kW 2,500
Output shaft rotational speed, min-1 1,000 1,200 1,000 1,200
Fuel natural, casing-head gas kerosene, diesel fuel
Fuel consumption at full load, kg/h, max 836 995
Overall dimensions, mm 3,200 x 1,545 x 1,375
Weight, kg 1,200

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