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Overhaul of helicopter main gearboxes and tail rotor transmission units

Motor Sich manufactures the VR-2, VR-8A, VR-14, VR-24 helicopter main gearboxes and tail rotor transmission units (including intermediate gearbox, tail rotor gearbox and tail rotor drive shaft)  for the Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24 type helicopters.
The machine-assembly shop with total area of 4,500 m2 with up-to-date, comfortable working conditions and controlled environment parameters was established to meet the challenge of main gearbox manufacture and overhaul.
The shop is equipped with the newest, high-efficient Gleason CNC machines, which allow to produce:
- spur and helical cylindrical gears up to 800 mm in diameter,
- bevel and hypoid gears with circular teeth up to 600 mm in diameter.
Gleason inspections systems ensure gear tooth parameter control according to requirements of design and repair documentation.
Gleason 100T ensures checking of a bevel gear with circular teeth at make-up stage, leading to reducing of assembly time and to increasing of product quality.
The shop contains areas intended for helicopter main gearbox washing, inspection, repair and assembly as well as areas of hydraulic and pneumatic test of gearbox parts and units at intermediate repair stages and assembled gearbox, and mechanical area to manufacture new parts.
Main gearbox final tests are carried out with help of new specialized test stands, certified against requirements of international standards.
Gearbox manufacture and repair process is fully provided with regulatory, design, repair and process documentation, highly-skilled personnel, necessary test-bench equipment, repair and installation tools, appliances and jigs, which ensure high reliability, quality and flawless performance of helicopter main gearboxes overhauled at Motor Sich.

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