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TV3-117VMA, Series 02

It is used for medium-utility helicopters. The takeoff power is 2,200 hp. The engine refers to the best world specimens with respect to its fuel efficiency and weight characteristics. The high level of designing and high degree of maturity of mass production process ensure high reliability indices and long service life of the engine.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • low specific fuel consumption;
  • low weight-to-power ratio;
  • high reliability;
  • high reliability;
  • long service life;
  • high maintainability;
  • high repairability;
  • steady operation in harsh dust and smoke conditions;
  • possibility of long-time operation in maritime conditions.

Basic specifications:

2.5- minute power rating, with OEI
Power, shp (kW) 2,400 (1,765)
30- minute power rating, with OEI
Power, shp (kW) 2,200 (1,618)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/hph (kg/kWh) 0.210 (0.286)
Cruise power condition (SLS, ISA):
Power, shp (kW) 1,500 (1,103)
Dry weight, kg 294

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